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Hideo Kojima, the auteur creator of Metal Gear Solid, appears to have the legendary video game series on his mind. He's also a massive fan of George Miller's Mad Max franchise, and one face amongst the cast of post-apocalyptic characters introduced in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga seems to have struck a chord with the developer.

On Twitter, Kojima has been heaping praise on Furiosa in general and on two new characters in particular, whose performances he described as "blinding": Charlee Fraser, who plays Furiosa's fearsome mother, Mary, and Tom Burke, who plays Jack, the protagonist's mentor.

Burke's performance and aesthetic seem to have fired something in Kojima, who said of the actor: "I could only see him as Snake." The two met at a party, and Kojima brought the subject up. It sounds like there are more than a few Metal Gear fans on the Furiosa production crew; Burke said on the first day of shooting, he was told that he looked pretty reminiscent of Snake (who is sometimes known as Iroquois Plisken, in reference to another of Kojima's favourites).

Previously, Kojima has described Miller as his "God, and the SAGA that he tells is my Bible", so it's probably safe to say he's a fan of one of Australia's most enduring cultural exports. For his part, Miller said that Kojiima would be his first choice to develop a new Mad Max game, throwing some shade at developer Avalanche Software in the process.

Do you see Tom Burke in the same light Hideo Kojima does? Could you see him playing a live-action Snake? Let us know in the comments section below.