PS5's Sublime Stellar Blade Can Now Be Yours with PS Stars Points 1
Image: Push Square

If you’ve been banking your PS Stars points, then you may have incentive to spend them: Shift Up’s awesome character action Stellar Blade has been added as a 17,500 points reward. As a reminder, you get ten points for each $1 you spend on the PS Store, so you’re going to have to have coughed up a significant amount of money to earn this. However, there are also campaigns in the PS App you can complete to top up your total.

We’re not going to pretend this is the steal of the century, but it’s worth pointing out; you may have accumulated more points than you expected. Sony tends to offer $5 for every 1,250 points, so the conversion is consistent with the game’s $70 price point. Still, if you’ve already decided to spend some time with Eve, you may as well do so with PlayStation’s magical money.

As a reminder, you can find out much more about the PS5 and PS4 loyalty scheme in our PS Stars guide. And if you do decide to pick up the popular PS5 exclusive, our Stellar Blade guide can help you get the most out of the game.