V Rising, the hit vampire action RPG that was announced for PS5 earlier this year, now has a confirmed release date. Following on from months of gameplay trailers and the title's full 1.0 launch on PC, V Rising bites into Sony's current-gen console on the 11th June. Yep, it's only a few weeks out.

The game's proven to be popular on PC, where it's enjoyed a very positive reception throughout its early access period. For those totally out of the loop, V Rising blends action RPG combat and character progression (think Diablo or Path of Exile) with survival and building mechanics, as you look to erect a vampiric castle of your own design and conquer the surrounding lands.

Oh, and going by the game's updated listing on the PlayStation Store, it looks like there'll be a 10% discount for PS Plus subscribers at launch. The full asking price is £32.99 / $39.99.

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