Horizon Zero Dawn PS Plus 1

The PS Store listing for Horizon Zero Dawn has been updated to state it's leaving PS Plus Extra on 21st May 2024. As a first-party title published by Sony and internally developed at Guerrilla Games, the move comes as a surprise as it was thought all the titles Sony holds the rights to would remain on the service in perpetuity.

The game isn't appearing in the membership's Last Chance to Play section yet, but if you button through to its store page, an expiry date of 21st May 2024 is listed. This is the same day 25 other PS5, PS4, and Classic titles are set to leave PS Plus Extra. With it being the Complete Edition, that means the Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn is also on its way out.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS Plus 2

The last time a game published by Sony left the service would be Marvel's Spider-Man, which departed months before Marvel's Spider-Man 2 launched as part of a "normal content refresh". Getting into speculation on Reddit, some users think this might be happening because Sony has the long-rumoured remake of Horizon Zero Dawn ready to announce and quickly release. Why do you think the Horizon origin story is being removed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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