PS Plus's New PS1 Classics Both Have Platinum Trophies 1
Image: Push Square

Sony hasn’t mandated Trophies for the PS1 games it’s deploying as part of PS Plus Premium, but it’s done an excellent job patching them in to first-party titles. New releases G-Police and 2Xtreme will both have Platinum gongs to grab, then, and you’ll be able to earn them starting today, when the emulated outings arrive.

You’ll need to beat at least 35 missions in Psygnosis’ legendary sci-fi flight sim to earn the top pot, although the inclusion of save states and rewind in these re-releases should make your task more manageable. Meanwhile, you’ll need to complete all the courses in 2Xtreme and set some high scores to get your reward there.

Neither list is likely to cause too many headaches, although the retro nature of these titles may test your patience. It’s worth noting that a third PS1 game will launch as part of today’s PS Plus update: Worms Pinball. This is an updated console port of Team17’s Addiction Pinball, and being a third-party title, it doesn’t look like it’ll have any Trophies to unlock.