PS Plus' Higher-Priced Extra, Premium Tiers Command 35% of Overall Subs 1

How many PS Plus members are subscribed to the higher-priced PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium tiers? Well, accurate as of 31st March, 2024, around 35 per cent of all subscribers are paying additional money for the more expensive subscription options. In fact, the breakdown looks like this: PS Plus Extra has 16 per cent of subs, while PS Plus Premium commands 19 per cent.

This is an increase year-over-year, when 30 per cent of members were paying for the pricier subs, meaning Sony has successfully grown its premium tiers over the past 12 months. Looking forward, things are about to get even better for PS Plus Premium in particular, with the addition of new PS2 titles using a brand-new emulator with quality-of-life features like quick save and rewind bundled in.

Looking forward, Sony aims to “evolve” the value proposition, presumably through the addition of new incentives and content. To be fair, PS Plus has been having a really good run of late, with titles like Dave the Diver and Animal Well all debuting as part of the subscription. But it’s worth noting that, in the US specifically, the model as a whole is seeing very little growth on consoles.