PlayStation Mobile Job Listing Reveals New Insight into Sony's Smartphone Strategy 1

It’s no secret that Sony is desperate for a smartphone success story. Companies like HoYoverse have proven that titles can transcend different devices, with the likes of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail huge on PS5, PC, and mobile. PlayStation has been scrambling to set up a mobile subsidiary within its business for years, acquiring developer Neon Koi and going through some leadership changes. We’re yet to really see the fruits of its efforts.

But it’s not giving up! A recently discovered job listing for a Mobile Platform Architect reveals that Sony is still very much committed to the plan, and is actively looking for someone who can spearhead the development of an infrastructure which will allow it to better “develop, publish, and operate free-to-play mobile games”. While it’s hard to glean too much information from the recruitment post, it sounds like the successful candidate will be building internal tools to help streamline management of PlayStation’s proposed mobile catalogue.

Ultimately, it means that, for now, the company is still committed to the idea of making smartphone games. While we’re sure there’ll be criticism in the comments, it makes sense: mobile makes up a huge proportion of the gaming industry’s income these days, and with the current line of smartphones available, there’s no real reason why Sony can’t develop for PS5 and mobile like many Chinese and Korean developers are doing. At the end of the day, though, for this strategy to actually work, it needs to publish some games – and on that front, we’re still waiting.

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