Developer Hello Games has just announced the latest free expansion to its ever-growing space exploration sim, No Man's Sky. This new update, named Adrift, introduces a whole new way to experience the game; it adds a new, abandoned, alternative universe in which you are the only intelligent life form.

In this universe, there are no shops, no trading, no shortcuts, and no help of any kind ā€” it's an entirely solo experience, and a more hostile one than the regular game. This more dangerous version of No Man's Sky includes sand worms that are free to roam, fiend eggs spreading across planets, and other aggressive forces.

Surviving in this universe will be tough, but you do have some things on your side. A new star ship named the Iron Vulture is an armoured hauler vessel that'll be your safe haven, and when you fly it out into space, you'll come across a mysterious, "ghostly" frigate to recruit to your cause. The Adrift update also adds a bunch of new customisation parts to the game.

If you enjoyed the lonely feeling from the early days of No Man's Sky, or want to challenge yourself with a tougher survival mode, Adrift will be the expansion for you. There are many more details over what this update brings on the official website.

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