The relaunch campaign for MultiVersus has been strange to say the least. We’d expected Player First Games to go hard on all the new content it’s bringing to the title after it was unceremoniously taken offline several months ago, but outside of a 28th May release date, it’s not actually announced much of interest at all.

Fortunately, with the title now little more than two weeks away, it’s revealing some new content – starting with Mark Hamill’s The Joker, who will be added to the release’s roster. The infamous villain’s character design appears reminiscent of the iconic Batman: The Animated Series, and of course, Skywalker himself adds a lot to those nostalgic vibes.

You can check out a teaser trailer of the character above, which also features the late Kevin Conroy’s Batman. It’s great to see the pair reunited one last time, isn’t it?