MultiVersus PS5 PS4
Image: Push Square

Warner Bros. Games had a crack at the Super Smash Bros. formula with MultiVersus, and while it was largely successful in many ways, the game has now gone back into development hiding. The platform fighter was playable in a long-lasting open beta, but this has now officially come to an end.

Back in March, it was announced the game's beta test would finally come to a stop, with developer Player First Games pulling the plug on the servers on 25th June. This allows them to fully focus on improving and refining the game without having to worry about the live experience. The plan is for MultiVersus to make a grand return sometime in "early" 2024, new and improved thanks to the feedback of players.

Featuring a wide spread of familiar characters like Batman, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Rick and Morty, and many others, the game tried to walk the line between being accessible and being quite technical. We'd say they mostly struck a nice balance, though every update to the game came with a swathe of alterations in an attempt to fine tune each character and level the playing field.

If you have the game installed, you can still play it in a limited capacity. You'll have access to local matches and the training room, but obviously, all the online modes and features are no longer available.

Hopefully, the game bounces back when it re-launches next year. Are you looking forward to seeing MultiVersus return? Send us some toast in the comments section below.