Ship of Fools developer Fika Productions has announced its next game as Don't Kill Them All, a turn-based strategy and management title where you must help a clan of orcs better themselves and gain more of a perspective on life beyond killing. A Kickstarter page has been set up to aid production, with the team looking to secure CA $100,00 (~$73,000 in USA dollars) in funding. The game will launch for consoles and PC, and you can check out the reveal trailer above.

Combining turn-based strategy battles and base management, you take upon the role of the clan's life coach, posing the question: "What if... we don't kill them all?" You'll also explore procedurally generated environments to source resources, items, and loot, then bond with your orcs back at home base. The game is aiming for a release in 2026, and the studio has a few extra campaign goals that can be unlocked through social media engagement, funding, and wishlisting on Steam. The Kickstarter page doesn't reveal much, but there are stretch goals for "more orc moods" and an extra enemy clan.

In a press release, producer and co-founder of Fika Productions, Antoine Grégoire-Slight, said: "We’re so excited to announce our emotionally attuned Orcs to the world. Never before have these creatures learned about sensitivity, camaraderie, and sustainability in such depth — Don’t Kill Them All is treading fresh ground in the Orc compendium."

If you make a pledge at the Baker tier (CAD $30), you'll get a digital copy of the game when it releases. To get a physical edition, you'll need to pay CAD $150 for the Carpenter tier. Do you like the look of Don't Kill Them All? Share your first impressions in the comments below.