Ghost of Tsushima PC Is Now PlayStation's Biggest Single Player Launch on Steam 1

Ghost of Tsushima is comfortably one of PlayStation’s biggest franchises these days, even if it perhaps doesn’t have the legacy of God of War or prestige of The Last of Us. The original PS4 release sold exceptionally well, and it’s continued to perform strongly with its subsequent Director’s Cut update and PS5 re-release. Now available on PC, with a conversion completed by porting powerhouse Nixxes, the series is simply going from strength-to-strength.

According to SteamDB data, the Sucker Punch open worlder peaked at 77,154 concurrent players on Valve’s storefront this weekend, beating out the previous single player record set by God of War. Obviously, this is still a million miles off Helldivers 2’s high of almost half-a-million, but it shows that Sony is continuing to enjoy significant success outside of its PlayStation ecosystem. It’ll be interesting to see if the rumoured God of War Ragnarok can beat this.

If you’re just starting Jin’s acclaimed escapade, either on PlayStation or PC, then you can check out our updated Ghost of Tsushima guide for much more information, including the best armor and much more. Have you decided to double-dip on this legendary PS5 and PS4 adventure? Follow the wind into the comments section below.