Genshin Impact’s big 4.7 livestream earlier today had a huge moment for long-time fans of the franchise: a first look at upcoming nation Natlan. This all-new region will be added to the already expansive Teyvat later in the year, and judging by the trailer, it may have some Pokémon vibes to it. Certainly in the brief clip we see the Traveler assuming the role of different animals, which is sure to bring with it all kinds of new gameplay possibilities.

In the meantime, the new update, An Everlasting Dream Intertwined, will launch on 5th June. In addition to two new 5-Star characters, Clorinde and Sigewinne, fans will also be able to pull for a fresh 4-star named Sethos. There’ll also be an all-new Archon Quest focusing on the Traveler twins, a fresh season of tower defence minigames, and an increase to the amount of daily Resin available, as previously reported.

There’s also a new long-term challenge domain being added in the form of the Imaginarium Theater, which will launch on 1st July and complement the Spiral Abyss. This will feature all-new combat gauntlets themed around specific elements, which should give you more incentive to investigate the boundaries of your party.