PlayStation and Bungie have announced a new Destiny 2 initiative, in which three of the game's big expansions will be completely free to play. Shadowkeep (2019), Beyond Light (2020), and The Witch Queen (2022), are all being made available. Meanwhile, Lightfall, the game's most recent expansion, is part of this month's PS Plus Essential selection. That's a lot of Destiny 2.

There is a catch, though. All of this stuff will only be freely accessible until the 3rd June, so you've got roughly one month to get stuck in. Base Destiny 2, of course, is free-to-play in the first place.

If you've been at all tempted to give Bungie's ongoing title a shot, and see how it's doing in 2024, this is probably a good time to try it out. The developer will want to attract as many players as it can ahead of The Final Shape, which is set to launch on the 4th June. Everything suddenly makes sense...

Might you be diving into Destiny 2 this month? Lock and load in the comments section below.