Any Hope of Vampire FPS Redfall Biting PS5 Appears Dead 1
Image: Push Square

Redfall was in development for PS5 at one point, before Microsoft bought out Bethesda and forced developer Arkane Austin to release the vampiric FPS as an Xbox exclusive. It’s since shut down the PREY maker and cancelled any future content, meaning those who purchased premium editions of the game based on the promise of additional DLC will now need to be recompensed.

IGN reports that, prior to this week’s closure, the team was working on updates and extra content for the title, which has now been scrapped. Considering Xbox’s recent strategy of porting titles like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves to PS5, it doesn’t appear entirely impossible that a PS5 version could have also followed. Any hope of that now appears dead, of course.

Even more concerning from a game preservation perspective is that, when Redfall launched, it did so with an always online requirement. According to the aforementioned IGN article, Arkane Austin was working on an update which would remove that restriction, but now the studio has been shuttered it’ll never get deployed, presumably rendering the release unplayable once its servers are eventually switched off.