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Convicted white-collar criminal Yuji Naka, Sonic creator and director of the ill-fated Balan Wonderworld, has broken his self-imposed silence for the first time in almost 16 months. He used the opportunity to accuse Square Enix's recently re-tasked Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate producer Yu Miyake of "lying in court”.

On Twitter, Naka commented on the news of Miyake's re-assignment, gloating in Japanese but translated to English (thanks VGC): "Finally. I was hoping he would be gone soon because he is the kind of person who would submit a note with a lie (with evidence) to a court of law. I have never met him, but the new [Square Enix] president might be a good person."

The president Naka referenced is Square Enix head honcho Takashi Kiryu, a younger executive with a bold AI vision for the storied RPG developer. He assumed the role in 2020, and it must be said the company appears to be doing well under his stewardship, with the results of the developmental pipeline shakeup he ordered to be revealed in Spring.

Naka offered no further explanation for his comments, which presumably relate to the insider trading case the creator remains embroiled in. Last year, Naka was sentenced to 30 months in prison, suspended for four years, and hit with two fines totalling $1.2 million after he pled guilty to insider trading charges using privileged information obtained while working for Square Enix.

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