Dragon Quest 12

So, what's happening with Dragon Quest 12? The next, long-awaited instalment in the classic RPG franchise was announced back in 2021, but we've seen absolutely nothing of the title since (and even back then, all we got was a logo). With that in mind, it's a little concerning that Square Enix is now replacing series producer Yu Miyake, who's worked on numerous Dragon Quest projects since joining the company in 1992.

Miyake is apparently off to oversee the publisher's smartphone division, and his replacement has yet to be officially confirmed. The move is part of a bigger shakeup at Square Enix, in which president Takashi Kiryu seeks to 'streamline' game production throughout the company.

Here's hoping that this reassignment works out, because we'd all love to actually see Dragon Quest 12 in action. According to Bloomberg, NieR series producer Yosuke Saito is a leading candidate for the Dragon Quest job, having already been executive producer on the excellent Dragon Quest 11.

When do you think we'll finally see something of Dragon Quest 12? Remain patient in the comments section below.

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