V Rising is a vampiric RPG released on PC in 2022 and announced for a PS5 launch sometime in 2024. It was already clearly wearing some Castlevania inspiration on its sleeve. Now, developer Stunlock Studios is properly committing to the bit, officially partnering with Konami for some particularly gothic DLC.

Shown off during The Triple-i Initiative's recent digital indie showcase, Legacy of Castlevania will allow players to "take on the storied aesthetics of hair, cloth, and form from one of the all-time classic Vampire franchises”.The pack will be released in May, and perhaps we'll learn more about the PS5 port then. Legendary Vampire Hunter Simon Belmont will put in an appearance (as an adversary), and an Alucard set will be available for players to cosplay as the Vampire Prince.

Three unique shapeshifting variants will be available to embody the darkness entirely. These include the Wolf Form Variant, Soul of the Wolf, the Human Form Variant, Glamour of Maria Renard, and the Toad Form Variant, Guise of The Flea Man. Further, suitably opulent furniture and decorations will be available to outfit your sanctum, which promises "wall-to-wall Castlevania ambience”.

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