Vampire Survivors PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Indie slam dunk Vampire Survivors has officially been confirmed for a PS5 and PS4 release and is expected to enthral millions when it arrives this Summer. Trophy Hunters will be glad to know the devs have confirmed a Platinum Trophy awaits those willing to undergo a true nightmare to obtain it.

Confirmation comes to us through some gentle prodding from Kinda Funny's Greg Miller, who himself appears intent on obtaining the Platty when it comes to PlayStation (presumable largely comprised of the Xbox Achievements already available.) The official Vampire Survivors Twitter account responded to Miller, confirming a Platinum will indeed be available and that the developer would never intentionally let the PlayStation podcaster down.

All previously released DLC will be available when Vampire Survivors comes to PS5 and PS4, and a Contra crossover is promised for some time after, which should seriously upgrade the firepower available to players.

Will you be chasing down the Vampire Survivors Platinum Trophy? Let us know in the comments section below.