The viral indie sensation, Vampire Survivors, is making its way to PlayStation at last. Available on pretty much everything else already, the game invites both PS5 and PS4 to the party this summer.

For the uninitiated, Vampire Survivors is a rogue-lite action game in which your only task is to survive for 30 minutes while enemies endlessly encroach on your position in vast numbers. Your attacks and other abilities trigger automatically; all you need to do is avoid taking damage, and gather XP gems in order to upgrade all your powers. Once you unlock more weapons, discover powerful combinations, and earn some permanent upgrades, it's amazing how strong you can become, filling the screen to the point it's basically impossible to read. Normally that'd be a bad thing, but you're the one causing the chaos, and it feels brilliant.

As well as the regular survival mode, you can also play in co-op, and the game also features several adventure-style story missions to undertake as well. There's a surprising amount to discover in what looks like quite a simple game.

There's no firm date on this just yet, but we're glad to see it's finally making the leap. Are you excited to play Vampire Survivors on PS5 and PS4? Tell us in the comments section below.