Stellar Blade's Demo Had Way More Daily Active Players Than Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's 1

A recent analysis has revealed an interesting statistic about a pair of playable demos on PS5. According to Ampere, Stellar Blade's demo, at its peak, had almost twice the number of daily active players compared to the peak for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's demo.

Apparently, the Korean action RPG's best day saw the demo accrue about 690,000 daily active users. The demo for Square Enix's anticipated sequel, meanwhile, managed roughly 380,000 at its peak.

It's an interesting analysis; the two games are both major PS5 exclusives this year and are in a similar ball park in terms of genre. However, Stellar Blade is a new IP with much to prove, while FF7 Rebirth is obviously part of an established series, and the demo arrived to a lot of hype and expectation. We imagine many were curious to see whether Shift Up's action title will be worth picking up, while many fans of Final Fantasy were perhaps hesitant to play the Rebirth demo to save the experience for the full game's release. In that case, we can understand the difference in player figures here.

As Ampere points out, though, the Rebirth demo's 380k peak players translated to about 2.2 million daily active players at launch. Stellar Blade may not be able to match that trajectory, as it doesn't have the same brand recognition or level of anticipation. It'll be interesting to see how the game fares when it arrives later this month.

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