Stellar Blade PS5 Download Size

Unlike a lot of recently released blockbusters, Stellar Blade won't be taking up a massive chunk of your PS5's storage space. As per the ever-reliable PlayStation Game Size, the upcoming action title weighs in at a very reasonable 30.4GB, which is obviously a far cry from the 80GB and above downloads that players have gotten used to dealing with over the course of the generation.

Even though it's a largely linear game, we did think that because of its emphasis on cinematics, Stellar Blade would serve up a more significant file size — but it looks like developer Shift Up has done a good job of keeping things in check.

And it's not like this is some five-hour experience, either. Based on developer interviews from a few months back, it's believed that Stellar Blade is around 25 hours in length. So, again, just over 30GB seems nice and compact.

Will be making room for Stellar Blade when it releases later this month? Maybe you won't have to shuffle your SSD at all? Sharpen your blade in the comments section below.