Stellar Blade PS5 PlayStation

It seems we aren't the only ones counting down the hours until the release of the PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade. Developer Shift Up has posted an impossibly drawn-out clip of the "secrets" contained within the game's PS5 physical box, which, as far as we can tell, amounts to a reversible cover/dust jacket and a download code for some cosmetic goodies.

Don't get us wrong: the variant cover, in particular, is certainly appreciated and perhaps even preferable to the game's standard art, just not something we'd generally consider a "secret". Regardless, the cool part is that Shift Up confirmed via the comments section that this will be the case in all regions, just as the eye-catching action RPG will remain uncensored in all regions.

It's always nice to see a developer include a little something extra for physical collectors, and the developer seems intent on making a positive first impression in the console space. Stellar Blade launches this Friday, 26th April, on PS5.

Does the prospect of a reversible cover push you over the edge into purchasing physically? Let us know in the comments section below.