Tomb Raider Remastered PS5 PS4 1

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered developer Aspyr has confirmed the Lara Croft posters removed from the recent PS5, PS4 collection will be restored in its next patch. Without saying when the update will land, the team explains that the posters were "inadvertently removed" as a result of "several texture and graphical updates to the HD version".

It was noticed last weekend that two posters featuring Lara Croft in erotic poses were removed from the Sleeping with the Fishes level in Tomb Raider 3. Seemingly scrubbed during an update deployed over two weeks ago, their removal wasn't directly noted in the associated patch notes. The closest bullet point would have been: "Graphical overhaul of The Lost Artifact levels." Now, a third update is required to bring them back. "Thank you to the Tomb Raider community for your continued feedback and support," said Aspyr.

To accurately preserve the original PS1 trilogy, the developer shipped the remastered collection with a content warning screen that alerted players to "offensive depictions of people and culture rooted in racial and ethnic prejudices". While the message focuses on those racial issues, Aspyr's intention was to respectfully bring back the content of the three classic titles, which the posters were a part of.