New MediEvil Trophy List Suggests PS1 Original Being Resurrected for PS Plus Premium 1

A classic first-party Sony series could be making yet another return to the limelight. MediEvil was brought back with a full-blown remake on PS4, but it looks as though the PS1 original may soon also be playable on modern platforms.

On PSNProfiles, a site that scrapes Trophy information from PlayStation Network, a new list has recently popped up for MediEvil. What's interesting is that, while mostly identical, it differs slightly from the remake's Trophy set, suggesting this is a different release altogether. It seems very likely that this is representative of the original PS1 game, and if that's the case, we imagine it'll soon be coming to PS Plus Premium's range of classic titles.

Sony has yet to announce what will be coming to PS Plus Premium for the month of April, but this will soon change; the platform holder will confirm what's coming later this week, and we suspect Sir Dan may make an appearance. Another appearance, we should say, as the PSP version, MediEvil: Resurrection, is already part of the lineup.

Anyway, would you like to see the original MediEvil join the PS Plus party? Eat some chicken in the comments section below.