Iron Man PS5

Dead Space studio EA Motive has issued a development update for its upcoming Iron Man game, confirming the project is making "excellent progress" as production continues. General manager Patrick Klaus said the developer hit a "major internal milestone" earlier this year that laid "a robust foundation for the journey ahead". While it sounds like the project is still a few years away from release, it remains an "important priority" at EA Motive.

The reassurance comes after news the team will be setting up a second studio to help development of the Battlefield series, with EA Motive lending its expertise on the Frostbite engine to future multiplayer and single player games. The latest entry, Battlefield 2042, is having its post-launch support ended so main studio EA DICE can focus on upcoming projects.

Klaus said: "The directors who delivered our Dead Space remake in 2023, Philippe Ducharme (Executive Producer) and Roman Campos-Oriola (Creative Director), will build a team at Motive to work alongside the Battlefield studios around the world creating what’s next for Battlefield — a universe across both multiplayer and single-player experiences. Their proven expertise in storytelling, immersive battles and developing on the Frostbite engine uniquely positions them to help advance the vision for Battlefield" in the future.

EA Motive is now staffing up across its art, QA, and software development sectors as it focuses on both Iron Man and Battlefield. What would make you want to play an Iron Man game? Offer your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.