Helldivers 2 PS5 PlayStation

A new Major Order has come down from Super Earth High Command (Arrowhead Studios), diverting all available Helldivers 2 players to the Valdis Sector. There, a massive Automaton invasion fleet consisting of tens of thousands of warships has emerged from FTL, swiftly overrunning multiple worlds. The Automaton forces recently eradicated as a part of Operation Swift Disassembly were merely the tip of a much longer spear, it seems, and any reports to the [REDACTED] should be referred to the nearest Democracy Officer.

As Super Earth strategists predicted, this includes the planet Cyberstan, which appears to be of strangely symbolic importance to the machines and the site of Super Earth's victory over the Cyborg Nation in the First Galactic War. The question of how the Automatons built this fleet in secret and what their true intentions are (no doubt nefarious) remain, but those answers will have to wait until after The Reclamation is complete.

What do you think of this shocking turn of events and the cowardly return of the Automatons? Confirm your compliance in the comments section below.

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