Helldivers 2 PS5 PlayStation

An encrypted message has come down from Super Earth High Command (developer Arrowhead Game Studios), ordering all available Helldivers 2 players to immediately embark on a "defensive annihilation" campaign against the Automatons' homeworlds. It's all or nothing; the objective this time is to destroy the murderous machines once and for all.

Operation Swift Disassembly, as the campaign is being called, will have several phases, each critical to overall success. More information will be provided on a need-to-know basis. The motivational material provided below should be informative enough to get you on your way to the next battlefield, a world called Troost.

Information extracted from captive bots suggests the barely-sentient machines are plotting something called "The Reclamation," an invasion into Super Earth space on a never-before-seen scale. So, a pre-emptive strike was deemed necessary. The first phase has already begun, with waves of heroic Helldivers landing on Troost to secure the deep-space comms array and gain vital intel on the enemy.

Will you be doing your duty and taking part in Operation Swift Disassembly? Prepare to ship out in the comments section below.

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