Stellar Blade is just around the corner, with the eagerly-anticipated action game arriving exclusively on PS5 on 26th April. If the wait is proving too much to bear, we've been given a glimpse at some of the game's fearsome Naytiba, which will serve as climactic boss encounters in the game.

While we only see the outlines of several disturbingly shaped monstrosities, we get the impression that the real deal will be nightmare fuel worth of the term. A quote from Shift Up game director Kim Hyung Tae at the start of the video seems incredibly apt: "When creatures don't conform to the human form, they elicit discomfort due to fundamental differences in appearance."

In other Stellar Blade news, Hyung Tae recently emphasised the importance of single-player video games with an ending having a "very important value" in the industry. Shift Up also recently employed a famous Korean cheerleader to cosplay as Stellar Blade protagonist Eve.

What do you think of the Naytiba? Are we in for a truly sci-fi surprise? Let us know in the comments section below.