Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5 PlayStation

For all the positive things players have to say about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, one aspect of the game which we've seen nothing but ire directed towards is its confusingly worded retry screen, which players will be hit with in the event of a Game Over. Thankfully, this issue has been quietly addressed in the game's most recent patch, which fixed Platinum Trophy progression, making it at least slightly less confusing now.

Unless you are blessed with inimitable combat skills, it is quite likely you've encountered the game's now infamous four options, being forced to choose from either "Retry from Current Battle, Retry from This Battle, Retry From Before Battle, or Resume". This humble scribe can attest to having lost over an hour of agonising Materia-tinkering and party-equipping after encountering an enemy and losing and then being idiotic enough to select "Retry from This Battle".

In fact, the "Retry from This Battle" option is causing consternation among players stuck on the game's final boss encounter and causing many to rage-quit. No spoilers here, but selecting that option upon defeat would send players back to the start of the final boss run, completely unnecessarily causing them to lose about an hour of hard-won battle progress.

Post-update, players will now be able to choose "Retry from Current Phase" (thanks IGN) in place of "Retry from Before Current Battle", which is admittedly marginally better. Better late than never, we suppose, but we don't imagine it will be the last time players curse the overly convoluted screen.

What do you think? Has Rebirth's retry screen caused you any consternation? Is the fix specific enough? Let us know in the comments section below.