Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth PS5

Delivering on its promise to fix the glitch blocking the Platinum Trophy in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth from being unlocked, Square Enix has issued a PS5 update that fixes the Can't Stop Won't Stop side quest. Reports from users confirm the fix has been correctly applied, making the Platinum Trophy available once more after downloading the 4.919GB update. It's available now.

That's not all, though, as the patch has fixed some other problems affecting the RPG. Other Trophy bugs have been addressed, save data issues should be fixed, and some display glitches have been looked at. Here are the fill patch notes for update 1.030:

  • Fixed a bug in the sub-quest "Challenge from a Playboy" that occurs in Chapter 12, where the quest would not progress even if the G-Bike clear conditions were met.
     *To proceed with the quest, you will need to meet the G Bike clear conditions again after the update. note that.
     *If you have already cleared the relevant quest, your progress will not be reset.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when proceeding with specific steps in some investigation reports.
    ・Fixed an issue where new courses would not be released in rare cases in "Battle Simulator".
    ・Fixed a bug where the favorability rating would not increase even if you selected an option that would increase the favorability rating if certain conditions were met.
    ・If there was an issue where the trophy "Sabotender Senbon Knocker" could not be obtained even if the conditions were met, it has been fixed so that it can be obtained.
  • Fixed some bugs when loading save data that occurred under certain conditions, as well as forced termination and inability to progress during play.
    ・Fixed so that when repeatedly loading previous game save data, the state of the last game's save data that was loaded will be reflected.
  • Fixed some display bugs.

Will you be firing up Final Fantasy VII Rebirth today to finally get the Platinum Trophy unlocked? Let us know in the comments below.