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Just yesterday, we brought you word that the upcoming PS5 exclusive, Stellar Blade, would be released in all regions entirely uncensored, including Japan, which developer ShiftUp seemed especially pleased with. An executive at Electronic Arts Japan has called out what they see as a double standard with the Japanese Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO), stating that "I find this hard to accept."

In a post on Twitter, EA Japan general manager Shaun Noguchi addressed the rating board in a refreshingly frank fashion, outraged that Dead Space would be refused classification for depicting "cross-sections of severed body parts", amongst other things, while Stellar Blade gets off scot-free. Noguchi declared, translated by Automaton (thanks, IGN):

"What’s going on CERO? The Stellar Blade demo was really fun and absolutely action-packed. However, CERO, you denied our Dead Space a rating because it included cross-sections of severed body parts and internal organs, but here we have both cross-sections and insides on display passed off with a CERO D rating. I find this hard to accept."

What do you think? Is the Korean-developed Stellar Blade getting some kind of special treatment from the Japanese rating board CERO? Or are the bi-sections of bodies and depictions of decapitations in Dead Space meaningfully different? Let us know in the comments section below.

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