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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth players who picked up the game digitally and are currently working towards unlocking the game's Platinum Trophy might want to rein in their chocobos, as the game's most recent patch introduced an issue preventing it from popping.

According to Kotaku, an issue introduced in the recent 1.020 patch broke one of the game's late-game side quests. This, in turn, prevents an associated Trophy from popping, thus preventing players from securing the Platty. The quest in question is "Can't Stop, Won't Stop," which tasks players with beating the ultimate party animal's high score on the G-Bike arcade simulator. The game won't recognize the player's score, thus making completing it currently impossible.

Players allegedly have a relatively slim chance of getting around this issue. Take this with a grain of salt, as we have not tested it ourselves. Still, according to the community, players who opted for the physical edition do have another option, at least until Square Enix gets around to releasing a fix: uninstall Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, disconnect your PS5 from the internet, reinstall the game and boot up a save from before the bug was encountered. Digital owners, however, appear to be entirely out of luck.

Are you currently unable to unlock Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Platinum Trophy? Is it because of this pernicious bug and that pesky G-Bike simulator? Let us know in the comments section below.

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