Immortals of Aveum PS5

The monthly PS Plus Essential update has arrived, granting all members of Sony's subscription service access to three new PS5, PS4 titles. They're available to download now across the UK and Europe, and availability will spread to the USA later on in the day. Here's what can be redeemed between now and Tuesday, 7th May 2024:

As the standout title of the month, Immortals of Aveum is presented with a second lease of life as it becomes available to all PS Plus subscribers. In our Immortals of Aveum PS5 review, we awarded the game a 6/10 and praised its semi-open world approach, satisfying shooting, and some impressive visuals. Since release last year, the PS5 title has been updated with more endgame content and a New Game+ option.

Minecraft Legends, meanwhile, is designed for the younger audience and turns Minecraft into a strategy game. "It has a lot of heart and can be a good bit of fun, provided your expectations are properly calibrated," our Minecraft Legends PS5 review concluded.

As always, we polled the Push Square audience on its thoughts concerning this new PS Plus update. 45 per cent of you responded by saying "it's a crap selection" for April 2024, with little in the way of overall positivity to share. Immortals of Aveum is the game you want to play most, but the majority of users simply said none of them are very exciting prospects. Do you feel any differently? Let us know in the comments below.