X More Games Coming to PS Plus Extra, Premium in April 1

Sony has announced the full lineup of PS5 and PS4 games hitting PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium this month. A varied selection of titles will be joining the catalogue, starting from 16th April — with the exception of Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, which launches into PS Plus Extra on the 23rd, and Animal Well, launching on 9th May.

Here's how everything will shake out this time:

PS Plus Extra: April 2024

PS Plus Premium: April 2024

A varied mix this time, with a slight bent towards indie games. Dave the Diver is obviously a great day-one add, and we can recommend checking out the likes of Nour: Play with Your Food and Deliver Us Mars for some slightly different experiences. As for the retro selection, the latter two were somewhat expected thanks to leaks, but the addition of an Alone in the Dark title is a good one considering the recent remake.

Also announced is that Animal Well will also technically join April's lineup, although it won't be available until the game's launch date, which is 9th May.

What are your thoughts on April's additions to PS Plus Extra and Premium? Let us know in the comments section below.

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