The Stellar Blade Playable Demo Is Now Available on PS5 1

There's been a lot of chatter about this Stellar Blade demo recently. First, it was released accidentally, and although Sony took it back down pretty quickly, it wasn't fast enough to stop a few people playing and sharing footage online. So, we knew a demo was coming, and it wasn't much later that we got official confirmation. Now, the time has come: it's available to download and play right now on PS5. Those in the US can click here, and it's here for UK readers.

The free demo gives players a look at the very start of the game, in which Eve storms the beach of a ruined Earth to fight back against the Naytiba. It includes the tutorial so you can familiarise yourself with the game's combat, and culminates with a boss fight. Your save data will carry over to the full game.

We went hands-on with the demo early, and came away impressed, saying it recaptures the energy of PS3-era action games:

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