Synduality: Echo of Ada is getting a closed beta on PS5, allowing players a chance to pilot armoured mechs to become Drifters and face off against the xenomorphic threat of the Enders after the world was washed away by a poisonous rain known as "The Tears of the New Moon".

From 28th March through 1st April, players who sign up can kick the tyres on the game mechanics, which include customising an AI companion known as Magus, engaging in battle, and outfitting your mech with all kinds of earned gear. With a wide variety of chassis, arms, legs, and weapon slots, ensuring your mech is equipped for the task will be an essential part of the action. Registration is now available for North American, European, and Japanese players.

What do you think of Synduality: Echo of Ada? Will you be signing up to take part in this month's closed beta? Let us know in the comments section below.