Bandai Namco has announced Synduality, a mech-based, third-person shooter coming to PS5. Check out the debut trailer above.

After the world falls victim to poisonous rainfall, most of the human population perishes. Those who survive form an underground colony, and Drifters go to the surface in search of resources. Unfortunately, the surface is home to nasty creatures called Enders who'll try to stop you from gathering up AO crystals. The good news is you're equipped with a customisable mech, sporting your choice of aesthetics and weaponry.

The game will have some PvPvE elements when playing online, meaning you'll not only run into AI enemies, you may see other players running their own missions, which is pretty cool.

There's a little more detail on the PS Blog. Synduality arrives on PS5 next year — are you keen for it? Tell us in the comments section below.