For the next free update in the ever-expanding No Man’s Sky, industrious developer Hello Games has completely rebuilt space stations. As it notes in a press release, previously these were one aspect of the game which weren’t procedurally generated, but when the update launches later today (27th March), that will all change.

“Engine improvements have allowed us to create vast interior spaces and exterior spaces, with improved reflection and metallic surfaces,” the press release reads. “Outside, space station exteriors are at a scale never seen before, and are hugely varied. Inside, stations have been transformed, and are now vast, procedurally generated, and incredibly diverse. Featuring new shops, gameplay and activities, stations are now uniquely customised based on system, race, and locale.”

Naturally, this is all going to help make the universe feel vaster and more varied than ever before. And there’s one key new gameplay element the new space stations will introduce: a ship editor. “We haven’t introduced customisation previously, because so many players love exploring to find the perfect ship already out there to purchase. In keeping with exploration, to customise their ship, Travellers gather and trade parts for their ships as they explore, salvaging the best components from wrecks and ruins.”

Elsewhere, the update will also add Guilds, allowing you to work together with your allies to increase your infamy across the galaxy. You’ll also be able to build fleets of frigates and send them away on missions, but if they get into trouble, you’ll need to warp to your squadron and engage the attackers in daring rescue missions.

And yes, as mentioned above, all of this content – the 27th major update for the game – will be free for existing owners, without any microtransactions or DLC purchases required.