Stellar Blade PS5 PlayStation

IStellar Blade is a hotly anticipated PS5 exclusive launching in late April, and it already seems set for success, possessing some indefinable quality that makes us think it will sell like gangbusters. Developer Shift Up must be getting plenty of positive feedback because CEO Hyung-Tae Kim is already teasing sequels in a light-hearted way.

Speaking to Famitsu (thanks, Games Radar+), Kim was asked a normal enough question: What are the ages of protagonist Eve and her allies in Stellar Blade? Kim confirmed that all the characters are adults, teasing that perhaps players will get an answer to that question in the next game. Later, when asked whether there were any plans for a photo mode for Stellar Blade, Kim said the studio is focused on developing the main game right now, so it wouldn't be added until after launch. He says that if there is enough demand from fans, it's something they'll investigate.

We called Stellar Blade the "exclusive enthusiasts have been praying for", and you can dive into the demo we got to play yourself today, 29th March, with progress carrying over to the full game.

Are you ready for a Stellar Blade sequel, sight unseen? What about photo mode? Do you think there would be any demand for that sort of thing in such an action-focused game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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