Helldivers 2 PS5 PlayStation

The unstoppable Helldivers 2 war machine continues unabated, and our latest intelligence suggests that Swedish developer Arrowhead Games Studios has successfully deployed more than eight million copies since making simultaneous planetfall on PS5 and PC last month.

That's according to TD Cowen analyst Doug Creutz (thanks, VGC), who spoke to Bloomberg and stated: "We believe the game has performed well ahead of expectations." Incredibly, recruitment numbers continue to rise weekly, thanks to positive word of mouth, exciting guerilla marketing style, and a seemingly unflinching internal design philosophy (Arrowhead's studio motto is "a game for everyone is a game for no one").

It seems like the PC crowd has just edged out the PlayStation faithful in terms of a player majority and preferred platform, although thanks to crossplay, the rising tide continues to benefit both. While a service game finding meteoric success isn't much to get excited about in and of itself, Helldivers 2's hardcore sensibilities give us hope for Sony's live future, and we expect to continue serving Super Earth for several years to come.

Are you surprised by Creutz's sales estimate? Is it lower or higher than you were expecting? Do you find your Democratic fervour has lessened over time or only increased in strength? Let us know in the comments section below.

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