Helldivers 2 PS5 PlayStation

Priority orders have come down from Super Earth High Command (developer Arrowhead Game Studios), calling all available Helldivers to arms in response to the surprise, cowardly, and entirely predictable assault on the foundry world of Tien Kwan, located in the Theseus Sector. Until Liberty and Democracy are restored, production of the EXO-45 Patriot exosuit has been halted, effective immediately, in a masterful piece of marketing and propaganda from Arrowhead.

Announced on Twitter, mobilisation efforts are underway en-masse, and the skies above Tien Kwan are filled with Super Destroyers, delivering the first wave of assaulting Liberation forces. The malevolent Automatons are currently dug in, heavily fortified, and the clock is ticking; high command has given Helldivers just 72 hours to restore order to the foundry world. Upon completion, players will receive 50 Warbond Medals and, presumably, reinforcements in the form of mechs. This crass motivation goes against our explicit recommendation; the successful prosecution of Super Earth's will should be reward enough.

Will you answer the call and deploy to Tien Kwan? Those Bots have been asking for it, and the arrival of mechs could turn the tide on the Terminid front, providing some much-needed punch in a pinch. Do your part in the comments section below.

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