PS5 Community Game Help Update
Image: Push Square

A future PS5 update has been revealed, in which the 'Game Help' section of the system's interface will be significantly expanded upon. The new 'Community Game Help' is exactly what it sounds like: players will be able to reference gameplay clips from other users when they're stuck on a certain in-game objectives, challenges, or Trophies.

Currently, select titles on PS5 offer developer-created hints, which can be viewed by bringing up the cards interface. It's unclear how popular this help system actually is, but we do know that a lot of games don't support it, and that you need to be a PS Plus subscriber to see it anyway.

So, Community Game Help will add user-created videos, which will apparently be "moderated" before being made public. Sony says that community clips will be available for everyone to see, even if they don't subscribe to PS Plus, but again, only "select" games will support this new effort.

How do you take part, then? Well, according to Sony, the whole thing's automatic. "Your PS5 will automatically capture a video when you complete a certain activity in a game," it writes. It then gets uploaded in the background, stripped of any voice recordings, approved, and made free for all to use. You'll also be able to keep track of clips that have been successfully published.

At this point, it's worth noting that you have to opt in to this thing before Sony starts cherry picking your gameplay clips. "Go to [Captures & Broadcasts] >[Captures] > [Auto Captures] > [Community Game Help], then select [Participate] to opt in to the program," Sony explains. This option will apparently appear "in the coming months".

PS5 Community Game Help Update

It's an interesting addition, and we're sure a lot of players will happily try to help others out by allowing their gameplay to be shared. But what do you think of this? Guide your fellow gamers in the comments section below.