The Last of Us 3

As part of the developer documentary covering how The Last of Us: Part II came to be, Neil Druckmann reveals he now has a "concept" for a third instalment in the series. It sounds like a third game is very far away, but now Druckmann has that concept after "years" of searching for it, he says there's "probably one more chapter to the story".

Druckmann reveals he's been unable to find a concept for a third entry for years, "but recently that's changed". He says he doesn't have a story yet, but the concept he's come up with is "as exciting as [The Last of Us] one, as exciting as [The Last of Us] two. It's its own thing and yet has this throughline for all three. So it does feel like there's probably one more chapter to the story."

Given the fact all Druckmann has at the moment is a concept, that essentially confirms Naughty Dog's next single player game — of which it has "more than one" now in the works — won't be The Last of Us 3. It's far too early in the production cycle to be one of the "ambitious" projects the developer was referring to in its statement that confirmed The Last of Us Multiplayer had been cancelled. Though, we don't know when this footage was filmed, so it's possible the project might have progressed since then.

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