Tales of Arise Sales

First released in 2021, Tales of Arise has officially topped 3 million sales. The PS5 and PS4 RPG was previously crowned the fastest selling Tales title ever, having moved 1 million copies in its first week. It then went on to hit 2 million sales by April 2022, so it really has done well for itself over the last couple of years.

An expansion for the game, Beyond the Dawn, launched in November of last year, so we're assuming the DLC (alongside hefty discounts to the base release) helped Tales of Arise reach that milestone 3 million.

It's also worth mentioning that the game has only just been added to PS Plus Extra, and so the timing of this sales announcement makes sense. At this point, the title's probably hit its commercial ceiling, with Bandai Namco looking at potential DLC sales as the best way to keep the ball rolling.

How do you feel about Tales of Arise, over two years later? Let your flames flow in the comments section below.

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