Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League PS5 PlayStation

The identity of another playable villain coming to the villain-centric Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has seemingly been leaked, not by an account chasing clout on Twitter, but by DC's resident brain maniac himself. A bugged line spouted by the Justice League's most enduring antagonist, Brainiac, indicates that a particularly cool character could be coming to the game.

As reported by PC Gamer, Reddit user ZeronityPlays was playing as Harley and posted the below gameplay clip battling Brainiac. The villain mistakenly references Mr Freeze during the encounter, declaring: "I didn't expect you to be the weak link in this chain, Freeze!"

We know that an Elseworlds Joker is the first new character coming to the game, with three other playable characters introduced further down the line. Considering Victor Fries already exists in the Arkhamverse (like the Joker), it would stand to reason we can expect to see a new twist on the character. We'd prefer a return to a timeless classic ourselves.

Do you think Mr. Freeze would make for a compelling playable character? Which of Batman's many foes are you most hoping to see? Join the growing rogues gallery in the comments section below.

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