Rocksteady has today revealed the sort of content you can expect from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League after its launch, with at least four seasons planned that'll introduce new playable characters, stories, and locations for free. You can hear about it from the studio in the video above, where the game is described as "one of the most generous, player-friendly post-launch experiences available".

The developer plans to release two story-focused episodes each season, each containing a new playable character, new environment to play in, and more gear to loot. For season one, which starts in March, you'll get to play as the Joker. This is the result of Elseworlds, a take on the multiverse where multiple villains from other dimensions will enter the world of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. He'll have his own moveset, weapons, and narrative to work through. The best part is these episodes will never be removed from the game, so you don't need to treat the game like a Destiny 2 where you need to be there in the moment.

Suicide Squad Joker PS5 2

If you own Suicide Squad, you'll get access to all this content free of charge. It sounds like the only place you can spend money is in the in-game store, which is restricted to cosmetic items. No playable content is locked behind a Battle Pass either.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launches for PS5 on 2nd February 2024, though you can gain access on Tuesday next week with the Deluxe Edition. Are you happy to hear there's a ton of content on the way after release? Share your thoughts in the comments below.