Single Player Games with Definitive Endings Are Still Very Important, Says Stellar Blade Dev 1

There’s been much hand-wringing among the PlayStation fanbase about Sony’s reported obsession with live service games, but two of its upcoming titles – Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade – are single player centric, and unashamedly old-school in their design. We spoke to Korean developer Shift Up, who’s currently working on the latter title, about its approach to the title – and it stressed that traditional single player campaigns with definitive endings are still extremely important.

“The Korean gaming market is very mobile-centric, so everyone is developing for smartphones,” Game Director Hyung-Tae Kim admitted. “We felt a single player console game with a definitive ending is still valid and still very important, so we’re hoping Stellar Blade will be a significant title that will encourage other Korean developers to see this as a starting point and be inspired for future projects.”

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It’s reported that Stellar Blade will take around 25 hours to complete, but that length will double if you decide to engage with its side-quests and secret content. Furthermore, all of protagonist Eve’s outfits and customisation options will be unlockable in-game, without any further purchases or microtransactions required.