Fans Vote Gears of War Above Halo as Their Most Wanted Xbox Series to Hit PlayStation 1

The people have spoken. Amid countless rumours that Xbox is planning a pivot to bring some of its games to other consoles, we now know what's top of the list when it comes to what fans want to see make the jump to PlayStation. We held a poll earlier this week asking our readers which Xbox franchise they'd most like to play on PS5 and PS4, and the results are now in.

After nearly 12,000 votes, it's Gears of War that takes the top honour. Yes, the gory third-person shooter is the most wanted Xbox series to come to PlayStation, according to our readers at least. It pips Halo to the post, which took nine per cent of the votes compared to Gears' 11 per cent. Third in the rundown is Bethesda's RPG series, The Elder Scrolls, with eight per cent.

Beyond that, things are relatively evenly spread between the likes of Indiana Jones, Fable, Forza Horizon, and Starfield. After that, things taper off somewhat. Interestingly, there are a number of Xbox franchises that received less than one per cent of the total votes; games like Crackdown, Battletoads, Grounded, Pentiment, Viva Piñata, and several others didn't get much love at all.

Here's the top 20 most wanted Xbox-owned franchises our readers want on PlayStation:

  1. Gears of War (1,147 votes)
  2. Halo (999 votes)
  3. Indiana Jones (810 votes)
  4. The Elder Scrolls (807 votes)
  5. Forza Horizon (701 votes)
  6. Fable (688 votes)
  7. Starfield (624 votes)
  8. Fallout (549 votes)
  9. Marvel's Blade (380 votes)
  10. Hellblade (365 votes)
  11. DOOM (356 votes)
  12. Hi-Fi Rush (325 votes)
  13. Microsoft Flight Simulator (310 votes)
  14. Banjo-Kazooie (272 votes)
  15. Forza Motorsport (251 votes)
  16. Wolfenstein (210 votes)
  17. Sunset Overdrive (206 votes)
  18. Avowed (202 votes)
  19. Age of Empires (199 votes)
  20. Sea of Thieves (196 votes)

We suppose there are no huge surprises here, although we'd have expected Crackdown and one or two others to be a little higher. Anyway, Gears of War is the winner here. Did you vote for this series? Would you play it or any other Xbox franchises on PS5? Discuss in the comments section below.