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Rumours that the recently released Persona 3 Reload would be getting The Answer (previously only playable in the Persona 3 FES iteration) began swirling last month and look increasingly likely to be correct. Now that the game has been in players' hands for a while, further evidence has emerged that there is still more SEES action to come. Warning: vague item description spoilers for Persona 3 Reload incoming!

Beating the game on Merciless difficulty will see that mysterious denizen of The Velvet Room, Elizabeth, reward your efforts with a cryptic clue, which some say all but ensures The Answer is on the way. YouTuber Faz (thanks, PC Gamer) used a cheat engine to reach that point and recorded what was said. If you're curious, Elizabeth delivers players a cryptic message that reads: "At the end of a great trial, the answer illuminates my path."

The Answer took place after the events of Persona 3, following the cyborg warrior Aigis in the weeks following the game's climax, and represents about 30 hours of content. Persona 3 Reload remains incomplete until its addition, and in typical Atlus fashion, technically sidesteps the publisher's pledge not to release an expanded version of the game, namely Persona 4 Golden or Persona 5 Royal. Dataminers had already determined The Answer was in the offing (alongside more expected DLC), so consider this further evidence, but it is still not an actual confirmation.

Do you think we will get The Answer in Persona 3 Reload? Are you clamouring for it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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